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电竞投注靠谱平台:British programmer Joshua brow der is helping people save a lot of money on legal fees with his latest projectthe world ' s first robot lawyer Year英国程序员用户告诉我的所有法律问题,机器人程序都可以自动分解答案,该服务是免费的。brow der first started the project last summer as a free website to help people appeal unfair parking tickets . he came up with the idea after getting serverhaving wasted several hours on writing appeals to these tickets,He realised that many people do not have the time,Legal knowledge or even the这个项目去年夏天刚刚开始,当时braud只想做一件事,他因为“不重要的理由”被处以一系列罚款,所以打消了这个想法。在写抗诉书浪费了几个小时后,他意识到很多人不能带着时间、法律、科学知识甚至精力来判决这个罚单。

因此,他要求以以前顺利的上诉书为模板的自动受理机。考虑到罚款的判决法律费用可能超过400美元到900美元,他合理地给这项服务起名为“不要借钱”。Do not pay was a huge success,and the tech genius has now gone a step further with the website,Converting it into a full fledged robo lawyer equeue“I realised that the best way to help people would be te Create a computer program that could talk to users,generate appeals,and answer queuers“the robot can currently handle parking ticket appeals,支付保护保险(Ppi)claims and delayed flights/trainning他对新闻网站Mashable这样说。



“I am ultimately looking to give it as much functionality as possible in The spirit of trying to replace The large group of exploitative lawyers他补充说,为了这项服务,用户必须在网站donotpay.co.uk上免费注册。注册顺利的话,机器人不会告诉他们自己的情况一系列问题。

收集足够的信息后,如果用户的接收有法律依据,机器人就不会分解上诉书。 brow der told Mashable that he received good advice from his professors at Stanford university,where he is currently a freshman。

“initian I thought the best way to go about it was to create lots of individual rules for it to follow”,he explained。“however,I quickly failed with this approach because there are thousands of ways to say the same thing and it would be impossible to catch every现在,布朗德在斯坦福大学读一年级的时候,对Mashable说,教授给了他很好的建议。他这样解释。“起初,我指出,使这个程序最糟糕的方法是让原著中的很多规则遵从它。



”so he programmed the robot to use text comparison that includes keywords,word order and pro nouns . and The more that people use The robot,The“It provides generic and helpful message offering the user some sample phrases or the option of contacting me direet if the robot can ' t answer“on the back end,whenever the robot can't answer,I get notified and I workas quickly as possible to add functionality for any future request所以他在机器人中加入了文本对比程序,还包括关键词、单词顺序比较,使用机器人的用户越多,该算法就越完善。但是总有机器人无法回答的问题,对它的应对也有对策。布罗德说。




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